Bilbo's Birthday Celebration in Brazil

Shelob writes: Many brazilian fans have been celebrating Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday this Sunday, September 21st. The Smial Sao Paulo, one of 14 Smials that belong to the Conselho Branco (White Council Tolkien Society), had its Second Hobbit Party as part of the festivities.

In the largest city of Brazil, many Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Dúnadan, Rohirrim, Nazgûl, Istari and Valar – even Spiders as myself! – got together to honor the two beloved Hobbits. You can see some of our pictures here…

The Party lasted all day, featuring our tradicional Costumes Contest (won by Nimloth the ElvenMaid and Elda Minyagon the Warrior Elf), the “House of Vairë” Storytelling (our audience heard the “Cuyviényarna” and “The Fall of Gondolin” tales), Role Playing Games set in Middle Earth, a great campaign to collect toys for an orphanage, and, of course, lots of food (it was a Hobbit Party, after all). Well, the party is over and all we can do now is wait until December comes, when we are planning to celebrate PJ’s Return of the King… with more hobbit food, I guess!