Susan Lendroth from The Planetary Society writes: John Rhys-Davies, Gimli the dwarf, will make a one-time only appearance on stage in Pasadena, California on September 22 as the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei in “An Evening with Galileo and His Daughter.”

A benefit for the non-profit organization, The Planetary Society, the reading is based on Dava Sobel’s best-selling book, “Galileo’s Daughter,” and pays tribute to the Galileo spacecraft that will crash into the planet Jupiter on September 21, ending a 14-year mission to that planet and its moons.

Who: John Rhys-Davies – Galileo, Linda Purl – Galileo’s Daughter, Dava Sobel – Narrator
What: An Evening with Galileo and His Daughter
When: September 22, 2003
Where: Pasadena Playhouse. 39 South El Molino Avenue, Pasadena, California
Time: 7:30 PM
Tickets: $60-75
Information: 626.793.5100 or

Event Description:

On September 21, 2003 the Galileo spacecraft will plunge into Jupiter on a targeted trajectory of self-destruction, ending a 14-year mission that has been a remarkable voyage of discovery. The following day, The Planetary Society will pay tribute to the mission, the team that made it possible, and the astronomer for which it is named, with a special theatrical event.

“An Evening with Galileo and His Daughter” explores the dynamic relationships between science and religion, reason and faith, and father and child. Dava Sobel bases her story of Galileo’s scientific discoveries and subsequent battle with the Inquisition on letters written to him by his daughter, Suor Maria Celeste, a cloistered nun since the age of 13.

John Rhys-Davies will portray the brilliant astronomer, telling about his momentous discoveries in Galileo’s own words.