Xoanon here with some rather cool news for folks living in and around Montreal. Folks from Sithclan and I are working on getting special screenings of THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING: EXTENDED EDITION, THE TWO TOWERS: EXTENDED EDITION & THE RETURN OF THE KING on the silver screen!

Plans are being worked out at the moment, we have yet to work out a venue or even showtimes. This is where YOU come in. IF you plan on attending or are seriously interested we need you to answer this important question on a poll website we’ve created.

The question we want you to answer is this; how would you like to view these screenings? Currently the options we have are

  • All 3 in one night!
  • 3 Days in a row!
  • 1 Movie a week for 3 weeks!

A ton of people have asked for more information on the Montreal Triple-Screening that I am working on in conjunction with some local fan clubs and other groups. We have yet to determine the format, dates, or locations just yet. But if you want to be kept in the loop sign up for the Line Party page I made for the event. More details to come soon!

Whatever you choose, the event will likely culminate in a large party for the RETURN OF THE KING premiere on December 17th. There will be the usual give-aways, free food and pool, and of course…many other surprises!

So get off your duff and vote now!