With the release of The Two Towers on DVD, many US residents might have noticed an ‘Adventure Card’ offer in their DVD cases. This card gives fans special access to a discounts, promotions and other neat stuff at the LOTRAdventure.com website.

One of those offers is for a free Cave Troll Hammer from Sideshow/Weta Collectibles. Sideshow/Weta was kind enough to send along a few images to showcase this unique item.

Cave Troll Hammer BoxScale Comparison

So how do you get this hammer? First, Adventure Card members need to log into LOTRAdventure.com and obtain the Sideshow/Weta promotional Code. No, it is not the same PIN number used to access the LOTRAdventure website, but instead is a unique seven digit word. Go to the following URL and enter in that code. [Enter Code Here]

Then, once you have added $100 in Sideshow/Weta Lord of the Rings items to your shopping cart, the Cave Troll Hammer will automatically be added. You will be responsible for shipping costs for the hammer.

There are a few weird quirks to note about this promotion.

If you purchased your DVD at Walmart or Costco, don’t expect to see the Sideshow/Weta offer. Many fans are reporting to us that the Sideshow/Weta, Nextel and Air New Zealand offers do not display in the Walmart and Costco versions of Adventure Card. Why? You’ve stumped us, we have no idea. We’ve talked to representatives at Sideshow/Weta and they are willing to offer the promotion to Walmart and Costco customers if you contact them through their customer service help center. (located in the help center of their website)

We also get the distinct impression that while this offer is stated to be only available to US residents, Sideshow/Weta does not actively block International orders from fulfilling the requirements to receive the hammer. So International LOTR fans, if you have friends in the US, ask them for the promo code! We are willing to bet, however, that your shipping costs might be a little more than regular domestic costs.

Cave Troll Hammer Offer