Gold & Slilversmith Halfdan Hansen writes: You may remember back in April posting a news item about the auction by Sotheby’s of one of the unique prototype rings that my father Jens Hansen had created during the One Ring design process. That ring actually sold for $5750USD – and my brother & I have been persuaded to release one more of prototypes to auction.

Jens Hansen, designer and creator of the ‘One Ring’, worked closely with Dan Hennah, Academy Award nominated Supervising Art Director, in the quest to design the perfect ring. This prototype was handmade by Jens Hansen and is only one of seven known remaining silver prototypes. Each prototype has a different shape and represented the evolution of the design process as the movie makers and my father searched for the perfect design to be used for filming. This ring is especially significant as it was the first prototype ever made and thus represents the first physical expression in metal of the creative process.

This auction finishes September 13th and you can view online here. The ring is Lot #433 in Auction #11539 at