ABC News in Billings Loves LOTR!

Evan Onstot writes: I am co-anchor for the weekday 6&10pm news for NewsChannel 6 in Billings, Montana. (The ABC affiliate) I’ve been an avid fan of the LOTR books and movies for a long time, and your site has just been terrific. It’s so great, that everybody that I work with in the newsroom knows about TORN, and many check the site regularly.

I saw that you were asking people to send in their pictures of themselves with their new DVD. Well…I figured we could do better than that. So we turned our studio set into a picturesque Rivendell and took a couple photos. I just wanted all of you to know that the media in Big Sky Country is crazy about Lord of the Rings, and very appreciative of your site.

The people with me in one of the pictures are my friends Dan (our graphic artist who transformed our set) and Marc (our web producer).

Thanks again for your fantastic site!

Evan Onstot
KSVI NewsChannel 6
Billings, Montana