Ringer Spy Kungloosh sends along these great pics from Dragon*Con 2003, which took place this weekend in Atlanta.

Dragon*Con 2003 Images - More Costumes

Kungloosh: For a first timer to this convention, I sure realized I have been missing a lot!!!

Upon arrival I had to find TORn booth. This was my chance to finally meet all of the wonderful people who bring us this website! What joy it was to finally put faces with names! Also a chance to meet the man behind the microphone, Quickbeam! Was a pleasure to meet you! All I can say is that TORn made me feel like I was visiting friends. They made you feel welcome.

Costumes galore! Everywhere you looked! I only got a sampling of photos for the variety of wonderful costumes. The time and effort that people have placed into these works of art shows! The LOTR fans were awesome! To top them all tho was Saron! This costume was amazing! Actual metal was used to create this costume! BRAVO!

Emerald Rose performed several times during my stay. It was a pleasure to finally hear what those lucky ones heard when they attended the Oscar party! I can’t wait to hear & meet them again! Logan, Arthur, Clyde & Larry are the best, you guys truly rock! If anyone has an opportunity to hear and see these guys perform, it’s well worth the effort to see them!

As this was my first time at DragonCon, I am still in shock & awe at the magnatude of this convention. My poor sleep deprived body just couldn’t handle all the sensory overload. LOL I had to crash early on Saturday night and never got to enjoy all the wonderful parties that I have heard DragonCon is noted for. Oh well, NEXT YEAR!

Had a great time and will most definately do it again!