There is a new guest added to the Best of Both Worlds convention in Canberra, Australia – none other than John Noble, who will appear as Denethor in ROTK.

BOBW has also added a Guest Table Auction. Organiser Adele writes:

Following several inquiries re the possibility of an auction for spots at the official tables, the following are the guidelines if you wish to bid.

Rules for Banquet Auction for the Lord of the Rings Convention.

There are two places available at each of the official tables at the banquet:

Table 1: Craig Parker, Bruce Hopkins, John Noble
Table 2: Sarah McLeod, David Weatherby and Ben Wootten

– Please note: No cameras are permitted at the banquet, however a
photographer will be available to take photos of you with the guests at
your table, and copies of these will be available on Sunday (2 free 5*7″

– Bidders must already be attending the convention during the weekend and
have a ticket for the banquet. If you have not booked yet for either,
please do so when you make your first bid.

– The winning bids will be payable immediately the auction ends.

– You may bid for either table, or both (of course you can only sit at one
on the night, so be prepared to choose!!).

– If you want to bid for seats for both yourself and a partner please tell me when you are placing two separate bids.

– Bids will be in Australian dollars. You can place a bid in your local
currency and in the reply accepting your bid we will tell you what that
means in aussie dollars (that way you know how much you are spending as
well as how it stacks up against other bids).

– All bidder details are private and will not be disclosed.

– When you place a bid, you will be added to our bidders email list. Each
evening Australian time we will email all bidders the current bids for each
table in order (but ONLY the bid amounts, no names or pseuodonyms – you
know what you bid so you’ll know immediately how well your bid stacks up
against everyone else’s). Note: you won’t see this list unless you first
place a bid – we won’t be spamming everyone.

– You may make as many bids as you like during the auction period.

– Bidding shall start on Monday sept 1st September and cease at the end of Monday Sept 8th September, Australian Time. The final bidders list will be emailed as usual, and the top two bids for each table will be the winners.

– If a place is tied, the people concerned will be allowed to make ONE
FINAL bid to separate them.

– The judgement of BOBW regarding the winners is final, no correspondence
will be entered into.

Talk to you soon,