Future Shop TTT Screening Photo

Sailorlegolas writes: I saw you put a thingy about the Two Towers screening at the three Future Shop locations in Canada. I was at one of them, the Future Shop in Vancouver.

The screening was awesome!! They had a huge tent with a huge screen, and for those who could not fit, another screen outside. There was an area where you could get your picture taken with people dressed up as Legolas, Sam and Gandalf. As soon as my picture is sent via e-mail, I will scan it in for you. Before the movie was the much awaited costume contest, which attracted many kinds of Lotr fans. Some parents dressed up their little children as Arwen or a hobbit, and some were pretty cute. I myself went as Legolas, and I think I was the prettiest one there. 😀 The contest came out with five finalists: A fantastic Witchking, complete with $500 sword, Gandalf, with a beard so realistic that I thought he’d grown it, the most original costume ever, THE EYE OF SAURON, A very strange but in-character Gollum, and the winner, A girl on stilts dressed as an ent. I don’t think the judging should have gone any other way. The costumes were fantastic, and I salute all those who participated in the costume contest. after the awards, the screening began.

I was not able to stay for it, unfortunately, I had to catch the last ferry back to Vancouver island, where I live, in Nanaimo. Even as I walked away, I could hear the great sound system Futre Shop had put together. Fantastic overall!!

Also, if anyone from Future Shop reads this, THANKS FOR THE HUGE LEGOLAS AND ARAGORN POSTERS!!

Harmony picks up where Sailorlegolas left off, at the outdoor screening of TTT

I read your note from Sailorlegolas about the Future Shop screening of TT. I had to opposite, but just as wonderful, experience.

I missed the costume contest but made it just in time to see Gandalf decending with the Balrog on the massive screen. I was greeted by the excellent Gandalf in costume mentioned by Sailorlegolas and given a pin of Arwen much like the ones you have posted pictures of here before.

I was amazed by the dedication of the fans who couldn’t fit in the big tent. They were planted on the concrete parking lot viewing on the outdoor overflow screen. Some had lawnchairs but most were sitting on car blankets or right on the ground. I was glad to have a wonderful friend who was able to show up early enough to get us great seats inside the tent. I can’t explain how wonderful the picture and sound were. Any scene with horses, wargs, or battles had the ground shaking and our whole bodies vibrating. It was like a ride at Disneland! It felt like we were there in the action. At the stroke of midnight they started the sale of the dvd’s and then showed the preview for ROTK. Amazing. It was a great night. Thank you to Future Shop for the show (and who’s employees were friendly) and thank you to my fellow Vancouverites who laughed, clapped and cheered in all the right the places.