TheKnight writes: Anyone in NZ? Anyone in Auckland? Then don’t miss Bruce Hopkins (Gamling in TTT & ROTK) in the title role of Macbeth at the Silo Theatre in Lower Greys Avenue. I have seen many Macbeths in my time but this one take the prize for sheer intensity.

Everything and everyone (cast, direction, costumes, fight choreography) was right on target from the eerie “when shall we three meet again” opening the play, all the way through to bloody closure when they are happily dragging off Macbeth’s body. There was a visible crescendo of transformation in the main characters and a special touching tenderness in the way Bruce (Macbeth), fresh from victory on another field of battle, whistles sweetly to his Lady (Kate Parker) – love passion and tenderness; then everything begins that steady slide downwards through an intense tango towards death and destruction. The direction was dead-on-target and created a unity that is hard to find and feel in theatre this day and age. Down to earth. Great drama. It was incredible to see the way Bruce matured in his character as he went on. Prepare to be close up and personal as with the transverse stage you are literally in the middle of the action. Capes swirling, dirks flashing, mad women mumbling. The final sword fight between Macbeth and Macduff is hair-raising and staggering in it’s intensity as they battle to the death up and down the stage, swords clashing and smashing with sparks flying into the crowd. Worth the price of admission actually.

Bruce is just great. Everything he promised as Gamling on the screen comes through brilliantly as Macbeth on the stage. Such a pleasure to be able to see him up close and personal in a Shakespearian play where he can show his talent and let loose together with a great supporting cast. My compliments to them all for a wonderful evenings entertainment. So if you are in Auckland get out and see the play and support Bruce!