This weekend, Hall of Fire will turn to how Tolkien uses colour as a language to describe the visual and the non-visual in his works, The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings, and if relevant, any other of his works.

Many people are drawn to and captivated by Tolkien’s attention to detail and wonderfully visual descriptions of dramatic landscapes, but this is by no means the sole attraction of his writing.

We’ll examine the colours that Tolkien uses to describe certain races. Many of the descriptions of Elves are heavily throughout the Silmarillion, and the other races and their colours are twined through the Lord of the Rings, so we’ll be looking at both works and examining the progression from one to the other.

We’ll also look at Tolkien’s connection of colour with good or evil, and the levels in between. And we’ll touch on how Tolkien often uses an unusual blend of colour and tone to describe landscapes that are visually unique, and border on the surreal.

Finally, we’ll examine Tolkein’s use of colour as adjectives to describe things other than landscapes, such as emotion. Join this weekend for what promises to be a fascinating topic discussion!

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