Roheryn writes: This is a brief run down of the report about the LOTR:TTT DVD release that appeared on E! Live News on Wednesday evening.

First, they did a kinda cute tease for the DVD release story by showing a few clips from the film with a voiceover:

While we see the Rohirrim advancing with spears, the announcer says, “LOTR fans prepare to invade DVD stores again!” To which we see a rather beleagured Aragorn saying, “They will be here by nightfall!” Theoden is undaunted and replies, “Let them come!”

The report itself included brief clips of the film (mostly the hobbits with Gollum), as well as two of the special features: a music video with the singer of “Gollum’s Song,” and a snippet of Sean Astin’s short film, “The Long and the Short of It.” They had some quick interview clips of Elijah Wood with Dom Monaghan together, and Sean Astin separately. Though it wasn’t stated, I could tell from what they were wearing that the interviews were shot at ComicCon in San Diego.

Sean talked about his short film, and Elijah and Dom acted completely silly (as proper hobbit lads should, I suppose!) They said things in high munchkin voices, and professed to have no idea if the theatrical trailer was on this DVD or the Extended Edition. The announcer clarified that the trailer was indeed on this version, and they showed a few clips from that.

The announcer also said that a preview of the third film was included, but you’d just have to pretend, because they weren’t going to show any spoilers. The report ended with Elijah and Dom settling down long enough to say that if you thought that the Battle of Helm’s Deep was big, you would be shocked by the scale of the Pelennor Fields bat