Ringer Fan Meliara writes about a Duracell commmercial in the USA that plugs the Two Towers theatrical DVD and video release on August 26 …

Last night on TV while I was watching “Mission to Mars” on ABC, I saw a commercial featuring the release of the Two Towers on DVD. It was also an ad for Duracell batteries. It goes as follows:

A little boy is playing with some action figures which are standing upright up against a white sheet in his room, which is dark, he’s shining a flashlight at them. (I immediately took a second glance when I recognised one of the figures as Gandalf the White) While the boy is playing the narrator of the ad was talking about Duracell batteries, can’t remember exactly what he was saying.

Suddenly there were clips from the Two Towers, can’t remember exactly which ones except: Gandalf the White (after Aragorn’s line “It cannot be”), some of Frodo and some of Legolas and much more.

Then they switched to some ‘making of’ footage!! Showing cameramen filming part of the Two Towers and the voiceover saying: “For the crew of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers they only trusted one battery to use in filming the epic”. (that’s not the exact wording but it’s fairly close).

And then they showed some nice battery footage and then said “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is avaliable on DVD and video August 26”.