Ringer Greeny sent in this tidbit about an screening of Two Towers and Fellowship of the Ring in Denmark in late August at the Frilandsmusset near Copenhagen.

The translation of the article follows:

Are you a fan of Frodo Baggins, the wizard Gandalf or the little weird creature Gollum? Have you seen the films and would you like to see them again? Or have you missed out on it so far? Then this is something you wanna go to.

For four days the open area museum will be only about Tolkien. And the two films will be shown.

The doors will open at 5pm where you will be able to join several live lotr activities all around the area. At 7pm writers, producers and salesmen will show off books, special effects equipment and all kinds of merchandise. There will also be a buffet where mead and beer will be served. At 9pm the film will begin.

August 23: FOTR
August 24: TTT
August 25: Both films
August 26: Both films

Location: kongevejen 100, 2800 lyngby
On the outsksirts of Copenhagen

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