Frodo and Sam make their escape from Cirith Ungol. Not a moment too soon as the Nazgul appear and the alarm sounds. But have they simply leapt from the frying pan into the fire? What follows is a gruelling trek through the Morgai and across the Plains of Gorgoroth.

RoTK – Book Six, Chapter Two: The Land of Shadow

Through a chance encounter with a pair of orcs, Frodo and Sam discover that they haven’t even been able to shake Gollum. Their situation becomes desperate, and they take to the road in an effort to get to Mt Doom before Frodo’s strength fails him entirely.

Risky stuff, and it almost all goes wrong as the pair are accidentally press ganged into Sauron’s army. Join us this weekend in the Hall of Fire as we discuss the final gripping stages if Frodo’s and Sam’s Quest. We’ll also be sure to touch on the cultural and hierarchical aspects of orc society and how Mordor managed to keep function whilst being utterly desolate.

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August 23-24: Colours in Tolkien’s World.


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