Boyd in Edinburgh

Ahriell writes: Last night I went to see the play “San Diego” by David Greig, in which Billy Boyd stars. It is on at the Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre for a few days. The play was very good, quite a challenging play to watch, but well worth sticking with. After the play I took my chances and waited for a bit in the theatre bar, and oh God was I rewarded!

The cast, including Billy Boyd arrived in the bar and I summed up all the courage I could, shaking like a leaf, I walked up to Billy and introduced myself. I told him briefly about the Scottish Fellowship, and he was interested and said to me that he would put his bags down somewhere, grab a drink and come back to speak to me!

On his way he was “attacked” by about a dozen teenager fans, LOL, but 20 mins or so later, when he had dealt with them, I saw him looking around the bar, seeing me and waving at me, and then he came over to where I was sitting. I explained to him about the dvd parties we have and the auctions we organise to raise money for a charity, and he was more than happy to sign the various cards I had brought along. In total he signed 6 items, 2 I will keep for myself, and 4 will be auctioned to the Scottish Fellowship members! He was so sweet and friendly!

I showed him my cool Scottish Fellowship card, and he said “I like it!!!” He seemed impressed to hear about the fact that we have 120 members worldwide including Brian Sibley and Bret McKenzie (aka Figwit)!

We took a photo (attached) and off he went. A little while later, he was leaving, but just before he left the bar he turned around and waved goodbye to me!!!!! I am soooooo happy about having met him. He is the first main cast member of lotr I have ever seen in the flesh, and I can now fully understand all the reports I have read over the past months from other people with similar experiences. Awesome!