Robin sends this in:

New exhibition in September at the Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles!
Viggo Mortensen
September 13 – November 1, 2003

“Miyelo” is comprised of a series of large-scale, panoramic photographs of a Lakota Ghost Dance. They record a re-creation of the dance that was originally performed by members of Chief Big Foot’s band on December 29, 1890 near Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota. These long exposures represent what was intended as a hallucination by a veteran of the Wounded Knee Massacre, as shot in the California Desert in March 2003 for the movie “Hidalgo.” The intent was to capture the event as a delirious remembrance, an ephemeral dream. The artist hopes these images might illustrate his belief that regardless of the context of any specific time or place, “we communicate, at best, as outlines and silhouettes to each other; blurry vanishing tracings of what we really see, feel and mean.”

There will be no reception or book event in association with the exhibition. Viggo has requested that calls to the gallery be limited, with emails preferred. I hope people will respect his wishes and not contact the gallery as they do not have a large staff and all the information regarding the gallery and the exhibition is already available on their website. [More]

Perceval Press is publishing a large format book to accompany the exhibition. It will be available for purchase beginning September 13th.