Greetings, Quickbeam here.

Down at the recent Comic-Con we met a young man who happens to be one of the biggest Ringer fans we have met in a *very long* time. He’s also a great DJ, the mix master of “Suckadelic,” his own music label. He came all the way from N.Y.C. to share his Middle-earth music with us.

The man’s name is Morgan Phillips — better known as Supergenius. You’ve already met him as the “Ringer of the Day” over on our movie website for the “Ringers” documentary. He arrived at our TORN booth and said: “I’ve got something for you to hear, man! Would you like to play it now?” So we gave the CD a spin….

Very creative! We were all surprised at the utter coolness of Morgan’s CD. His enthusiasm for the original Rankin/Bass films and for Bakshi’s theatrical film is at the roots of his remix passion. If you don’t know much about this kind of electronica, I’ll explain. These breakbeats are a hybrid of classic rock and reggae songs (you will immediately recognize artists like Jethro Tull and RUSH) newly remixed with percussive beats and rhythm beds. All of these songs feature samples of the score and dialogue from The Hobbit, The Return of the King, and the Bakshi Lord of the Rings movies.

You gotta hear it for yourself — really fun stuff. Click over to Suckadelic and you can listen to a few tracks (they are Real Media files, you will need Real Player installed on your machine to play them). Click on Lord of the Rings then click on the Music link. Listen to “The White Rider” first — a total groove that all your Tolkien friends will enjoy!

His full-length compact disc, “Sauron Speaks,” is available for purchase on the site. I imagine the Jedi fans out there should also check out his breakbeats featuring original STAR WARS samples. Have fun!

Much too hasty,