Ahriell writes: Following last year’s report when Bret McKenzie (aka Figwit) visited the Scottish Fellowship at the August dvd party we had, the same is happening this time round.

I am Ahriell, the founder of the Scottish Fellowship, and on Saturday the 9th we have another one of our famed dvd parties, and once again, Bret mcKenzie will join us.

The Scottish Fellowship, as well as being a very active unofficial lotr fan club, is very successful at raising funds for a Scottish Charity, the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. Bret has helped us a lot in the fundraising by signing items which were then auctioned to members. We have named/sponsored 5 dolphins so far (P.J., Figwit, Tristan, Pippin and Smeagol!) which means we have raised 500GBP so far.

Bret is once again at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, with his comedy partner Jemaine Clement, they are collectively known as Flight of the Conchords.

A full report next week!