Irascian writes: Sean Astin and Elijah Wood have now been added as official attendees on the Collectormania 4 home page, but they won’t be there on the Friday! Collectormania are concerned about the number of people planning to attend Collectormania 4 in October to see “the hobbits” – especially since they cannot appear on the Friday since they are doing New Line junkets that day.

They are polling potential attendees in their forums about the possibility of adding an extra “Hobbit day” to the event – extending the event into an extra “Hobbit Day” on the Monday, to try and make sure all those who want to manage to get their signings from Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan and Andy Serkis. If you are going to Collectormania please vote on the option you’d like the organizers to take here. (Select the “Collectormania 4” item and the poll is the top “pinned” thread).