Ronnie writes:

Sean A at GenCon 2003

Sorry I was late in getting this in, but have just been too busy to do so!

I had the privilege of meeting Sean Astin and John Rhys Davies at Gen Con in Indy last weekend and was just amazed at how friendly and appreciative of their fans they both were. John had to come down off the stage to go to his Q/A session because he was already running late, but continued to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans on his way from the stage.

He kept refusing the security guy that told him he must be going and I think the security guy was getting genuinely heated at him! John didn’t refuse anybody or any requests. In fact, a few people had asked for his autograph on some hard to sign stuff like a cd and such and John didn’t have a sharpie with him. After acquiring one from a fan, he then looked towards the person with the cd who had already put it away and told him he now had something to sign his cd with, the whole while, the security guy just rolled his eyes and continued insisting that they leave.

John was awesome!! I praised him for being such a kind man because him and Sean were the only reasons I went to the convention and I was only there for one day and honestly thought I was out of luck in getting John’s autograph since they had closed off his line. I also asked him about the status of Sliders coming to DVD and he said that he had just finished up commentary work on the project and that it would be hitting on DVD in November. I assume it was just season 1 in November. He wasn’t able to elaborate because he was finally being whisked away for the Q/A.

Next up was Sean. He seemed very happy to meet all of his fans and was extremely kind to everyone. I just about made him fall out of his seat when I handed him one of the items that I wanted signed. It was the ROTK action figure of Samwise in Goblin armor. He was really amazed because it was the first time he had seen the toy of it which was a real honor for me knowing that I got to show it to him for the first time and knowing that mine was the first one he’d signed.

He said that his likeness in the face wasn’t as good as some of the others that he had seen, but thought the detail on the armor was incredible and just kept saying “That’s Awesome!” He asked me where I had found it at and I told him “Target” and he said “Really?…… That’s Awesome!”. I actually started feeling bad that I had left one of the Sam figures hanging at Target because had I known that he hadn’t even seen the figure I would have gave him that extra one. Oh Well…. Brad was also very nice, but also very quiet. I didn’t really hear him say much except for “You’re very welcome” after he signed my Two Towers poster and Fellowship DVD at the decipher booth even though he was only supposed to be signing decipher related materials there. All in all, I had a fabulous Saturday and can only hope that whenever I get a chance to meet other Rings actors they can be at least half as nice and pleasant as Sean, John and Brad. Thanks again guys!! For everything!