San Fran Ringer's Picnic Photos

Celefinniel writes:

The LOTR Annual Potluck Picnic was a big success, despite the lack of sunshine in Stern Grove Park, San Francisco. Hoards of hobbits, a few men and even some Ringwraiths showed up for the fun in a Rivendell like glen. In typical hobbit fashion, there was plenty of food for all. We ate not until we were full, but until we were tired!

There were fabulous decorations in the form of giant movie banners brought by one fan, and fun was provided by a combination of games, boffer swords, and great conversation.

A highlight of the event was the Apple Cooking Contest, with over a dozen entries. The three cook-off winners received prizes donated by Sideshow Weta, Houghton Mifflin, and Arms of Valor. It was a tough decision, with everyone present voting for the winners. Of course, that meant everyone had to eat even more, in order to choose only the very best!

Following the cooking event, there was a drawing for door prizes, donated by the sponsors mentioned above and additional ones from several TORn fans. The hot item was a T-shirt signed by Quickbeam and Sean Astin. The winner said he did not feel worthy of such a marvelous prize.