I dare claim that no work of litterature has inspired such a large and devoted following of readers as The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien societies abound around the world, people learn the invented languages of Middle Earth, and it has inspired some of the greatest movies ever made.

The Lord of the Rings has even become one of the key books which teachers and librarians recommend to young adults to lead them towards adult literature.

What is it about this book that inspires all of this? This weekend in the Hall of Fire you get a chance to explain just what it is about this book and Middle Earth in general that fascinates you the most. Hobbits or elves? Maybe the epic battle between good and evil? Perhaps you are something of a philologist?

Or maybe John Ronald Reuel Tolkien knew something about the nature of stories and storytelling that few others truly have grasped?

Join us this weekend in #thehallofire and tell us what it is that fascinates you so in Middle Earth.

Upcoming Topics:
July 26-27: What fascinates you most about LoTR and Middle-earth?
August 2-3: RoTK, Book 6, Chapter 1: The Tower of Cirith Ungol.
August 9-10: Tolkien and Canon
August 16-17: Colours in Tolkien’s World
August 23-24: RoTK, Book 6, Chapter 2: The Land of Shadow.


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