Ostadan writes: Rob Daviau from Hasbro, who is involved in the design of several Hasbro games including their Trivial Pursuit line, slipped the following interesting tidbit in the USENET rec.games.board newsgroup:

… Many TP games require hiring writers and acting in an editorial aspect. Some require that plus some industrial design (the card show in Trivial Pursuit 20th, both thinking of the idea and executing it). Or pewter pieces. Some have some rules twists (upcoming Trivial Pursuit: Lord of the Rings edition). Some have signficant work (something I can discuss later). But it is odd to call myself the “designer” of a game that has existed for 20+ years. Developer, perhaps…In ways that I can, I use the feedback. For example, I’m revamping Risk Lord of the Rings for this year (now includes Return of the King!) and so I’m trying to catch the FAQ’s and rules questions so I can correct them for this version.

So, expect an expansion for LotR Risk by the end of the year!