, the people behind Project Elanor and the Rocky Horror Ringer Show, has advised that technical difficulties has forced last-minute major rescheduling to their Hall of Fire Summer Music Festival. Held at Holiday Park, on the Trimet Max line across from Lloyd Center Mall from 12:00-9:00, this event will feature a wide variety of the Northwest’s best independant local artists.

Note: Just to avoid possible confusion, this event is not affiliated with TORn’s own Hall of Fire chats.

Press Release:

They said we couldn’t. We did. They said we shouldn’t…should we?

Well, yesterday was an unparallelled example of how Murphy’s law is alive and well for BitofEarth and the Hall of Fire, but we have regrouped, re-formed, and re-emerged stronger and better than ever! We won’t bore you with the long story here, but yesterday, we pulled off 6 months of governmental process in 6 hours. They said it was impossible. They said there was no way anyone could make this show work. But we did. We pulled off a miracle.

Now we need your help. is in the hole badly for this one, and we lost yesterday. The Hall of Fire is today-only now, and if we don’t get people there, then quite honestly, BitofEarth is going under.

That means no Billy at Lost Palantir, no worlds-Largest-Rings-Convention at TentMoot, no Dom at Project Fangorn, no Lija at Project Troubador.

But we trust the fans.

We don’t need much, really. If we get 200 in attendence over the course of the festival from noon to 9:00pm, we’ll break even. Anything over that, we’ll actually…*gasp* RAISE FUNDS at this fundraiser!

We know there were 700 of you with 36 hours notice and horrendous ticket problems at the special screening of TTT in April.

We know there were 3,000 of you at the TTT premiere last December…at
that theatre alone. We know that we have received interest from over 4,000 people all over the world for TentMoot.

You’re out there. We’ve given you events. We’ve given you our time and
energy until we’ve literally dropped from exhaustion. We’ve helped you.
We’ve helped the fandom.

Now we’re begging it to help us.


DJs! Celtic, folk, and alt-rock music! Family-friendly! Stand-up comedy!
All attendees receive $10 off admission to TentMoot 2003!

The Hall of Fire Summer Music Festival 12:00am-9:00pm
Holliday Park, Portland, Oregon (across the street from Lloyd Center Mall on 1100 Multnomah for those of you mapquesters)
Contact 503-804-7005 for information
$20 donation requested at door