Carlene Cordova writes: Cliff “Quickbeam” Broadway and “Ringers: Lord of the Fans” Director Carlene Cordova will be interviewed live on the radio from Auckland, New Zealand this weekend!

The word is getting out about “Ringers” and we were contacted by Wallace Chapman from 95bFM in New Zealand to be featured on their Sunday morning Arts radio show to talk about the film. The great thing about this is that they have a live streaming feed so you may listen to broadcast wherever you are in the world.

Here are the details: The interview will be broadcast on Auckland’s 95bFM at 11:30am on Sunday, July 27. Here’s where it get’s tricky. For North Americans that’s 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time (7:30PM Eastern Standard Ttime) on SATURDAY, July 26th. In London that’s 12:30AM on Sunday, July 27th.

Hear it streaming live: Click the little radio tower icon to get the live feed. Hope you can tune in!

For more info on “Ringers: Lord of the Fans” check out the website at: