After the news broke that Viggo Mortensen’s ‘Hidalgo’ has been pushed back 6 months, fans have been speculating as to the reason why. Here is a rather informative and logical look at the situation. Thanks to Kathleen

Some movie premieres are pushed back simply because the film is a big stinker, but I can’t imagine this is the case with “Hidalgo.” I think it’s likely that Disney moved it for strategic marketing reasons.

Imagine the potential box office for “Hidalgo” in October–BEFORE the Two Towers Extended Edition comes out–versus March, 2004, AFTER ROTK has premiered, out-earned FOTR and TTT, earned New Line a slew of Oscar nominations, and then won the Oscar for Best Picture, etc.?

I think it’s a brilliant move. In March of 2004, Viggo Mortensen will be a bona-fide world-class movie star, far beyond the so-called sci-fi/fantasy “fringe.” What better time to premiere another Viggo “product?”

If the premiere has been moved for some other reason (something related to post-production problems, etc.) I have to congratulate Disney for their good luck. I think they’ll make a heck of a lot more money releasing this film in March than they would have in October.

As a fan, I’m disappointed that I have to wait, but we LOTR fans have learned to be patient. 🙂