The website for the Tolkien fan documentary “Ringers: Lord of the Fans” is now live!

[Ringers: Lord of the Fans Website]

The crew of Ringers is ready to take on the Comic-Con International 2003 in San Diego, which opens Thursday, July 17, 2003. In August we will also be filming LOTR fans at the amazing Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

If you’ve never been to one of these events, put on your furry feet and hurry on down…. you will surely experience the rush of Fandom at its height!

From July 17 to 20, deep in the heart of Comic-Con, you will find a great Lord of the Rings pavilion – and we will be there with cameras rolling in or around the booth for (please check Comic-Con’s website for convention center details).

WE WELCOME FANS OF EVERY STRIPE TO ENTER OUR SECRET “CONFESSIONAL!” When you visit us at the LOTR pavilion, take a moment to step into our confessional booth, which is equipped with video and audio equipment just like in the “Big Brother” house. While inside you can speak directly to the camera about your love of Tolkien books, your obsession with Orlando Bloom, or whatever vibrant passion brings forth! All the footage we collect will be considered for Ringers: Lord of the Fans! You could be part of this great documentary, so be sure to come by!

[Ringers: Lord of the Fans Website]

‘Ringers’ Production Team