Even writes:

A couple of days ago you ran a small report about Jay Laga’aia being on crutches due to a broken leg sustained during fight scenes on some movie (See Laga’aia’s Broken Leg Woes -Xo). The truth is a bit more mundane.

He actually dislocated his knee-cap while filming a light-hearted basketball segment for a low-low-low budget TV series here in NZ called “Pulp Sport”. The joke was that Jay was up to go up against one of the stars of the NZ basketball team (“The Tall Blacks”) in a game of one-on-one.

Jay went for a lay-up shot and then just crashed to the ground. The film crew showed a close-up of his knee and you could see the patella (knee-cap) sticking out to one side, clearly not where it was supposed to be.

They carted poor old Jay off in an ambulance. He seemed to be cheerful enough during the whole ordeal, but hey, the guys an actor after all. He must have been in agony.