Here we go, some more information on what looks to be one of the most interesting Lord of the Rings-related happenings to hit Europe since Ring*Con last year.

Due to huge expected demand, advance tickets for The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition, a unique visitor experience based on the famous films, have gone on sale.

Call the booking hotline on 0870 870 4868. The lines are expected to be very busy so please be patient.

The family exhibition opens at the Science Museum in London on 16 September 2003, before the eagerly awaited final instalment of the film trilogy and will be the only chance for European fans to explore for themselves the fantastic world created for The Lord of the Rings films.

Hundreds of artefacts from the movies including models, armoury and animatronics will feature alongside interactive computer and mechanical demonstrations of the cutting-edge technology used to bring the story to life.

The fascinating exhibition includes:

Ø Demonstrations of special effects, including the combining of ‘real’ and ‘digital’ action and CGI (computer-generated-image technology)

Ø A scaling interactive allowing visitors to become Hobbit sized in a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring – and then buy a print of themselves

Ø A display on prosthetics including Hobbit feet, Orc teeth and the contact lenses used to give the Orcs their unique look

Ø Giant models including Hobbiton Mill, Treebeard and a cave troll

Ø An ‘armour corridor’ featuring weapons belonging to Arwen, Gandalf, Frodo, and Aragorn

Ø Outfits including Arwen’s riding costume, Galadriel’s stunning dress, and Gandalf’s robes

Visitors will be transported into the world of Middle-earth where they will be met by Frodo and his Hobbit companions, the wizards, the Black Riders, the cultures of Middle-earth and the fearsome warriors – all in the authentic costumes created for the films.

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition will enable visitors to experience first hand some of the awe-inspiring special effects used to make the blockbuster films.

Head of the Science Museum, Jon Tucker, said: “This excellent exhibition provides a unique behind-the-scenes look at the science and technology which made the film trilogy possible – from the computer generated special effects to the development of the complex animatronics that created such stunning results.”

The exhibition culminates with a face-to-face encounter with the central icon from the films – the One Ring itself.

· The Science Museum will be running a series of adult and family events during the autumn half term and Christmas holidays investigating traditional and state-of-the-art filmmaking techniques.

Exhibition: 16 September 2003 to 11 January 2004

Ticket Prices:

Monday – Friday: Adults £9.95, Children/Concessions £6.95
Saturday – Sunday: Adults £11.95, Children/Concessions £8.95

Well, anything that can make me look Hobbit-sized oughta be good! People who plan on calling from outside the UK would do wise to add +44 (England’s countrycode) to the phonenumber listed above, otherwise it probably won’t work.