If you are thinking about ordering tickets to the London Science Museum Lord of the Rings Exhibition, but have some unanswered questions, fear no more! Ringer Spy Isadora spent some time talking to the people from the Museum, and here’s what she found out!

I just talked to the press office of the Science Museum in London in order to check out and clarify a number of details regarding the upcoming LOTR-exhibition in London. Thought you might be interested, so here we go:

Booking Hotline: Open seven days a week from 08.30 h to 18.00 h (local time). Due to massive demand during the first few days, lines will be open this week until 21.00 h.

During the first few days it will take you a lot of patience to get through in the first place (it took me several hours to succeed). Once you make it through, you will be asked to press “0” on your phone in order to book tickets for the exhibition. Once you have done that, be prepared to wait some more in the queue (another 20 min in my case).

The press office strongly advises to wait a few days before calling the booking lines to allow the initial demand to subside a little. This of course making it easier for people to get through and make their reservations.

Please have paper and pencil ready as you will be requested to write down the booking reference number for your tickets. Also please keep your credit or debit card ready at hand.

Booking process: During the booking process you will be asked for the date and time at which you will like to see the exhibition. You will also be asked for your name and postal code, and then you will be asked to give your credit card number and the validity date. Once reservation has been confirmed you will be asked to write down the booking reference number.

Booking price includes ticket price as well as booking fee.

Tickets will NOT be send to you. You will be asked to give your booking reference number at the entrance the day you wish to visit the exhibition in order to collect your tickets.

Tickets are timed tickets. If, for example, you asked for a ticked for 11.00 hours, you need to be there by 10.30. Please take into consideration that you very likely will have to queue at the entrance as well as the ticket booth, where you collect your tickets.

Booking in advance: The Science Museum accepts bookings up to January that means you will already be able to book tickets for the entire run of the exhibition.

Max. number of tickets? There is no limit as far as the number of tickets is concerned you would like to buy.

Exhibition catalogue? Sorry, there will be NO exhibition catalogue for the LOTR-Exhibition. However, you will be able to have your picture taken on Gandalf cart and take it home with you.

Can I bring my camera? NO. No cameras, bags and mobiles will be allowed in the exhibition.

How much time do I have to look around once I am inside the exhibition? There is no time limit. Press office suggests that you reserve about 1,5 hours for the entire exhibition.

Apart from the telephone hotlines will there be a chance to book tickets online? According to press office they are working on that one, right now they are dealing with a few technical problems, but hope to come up with an online booking option some time soon.

Methods of payment: Credit and debit cards are accepted, no DINER and VISA ELECTRON.

Demand for the tickets is HUGE! Is there a danger of the exhibition being sold out? NO. Press office would like people to know that there will be enough tickets at hand regardless of the massive response they have experienced throughout the past few days.