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Viggo celebrated his award with Swedish flag

The “Lord of the Rings” star accepts Filmstar in New Zeeland

Aftonbladet’s readers voted him best foreign actor of 2002. Aragorn, aka Viggo Mortensen, was so happy that he drew a Swedish flag.

“Many thanks! I’ll have to go and show this to my son Henry”

Viggo Mortensen has received Aftonbladet’s award Filmstar. Dressed as Aragorn, he is there to film a new scene for “the Return of the King”.

Then he comes running and finds me again.

“Look at what I’ve done. That’s a bit better, don’t you think?” says Viggo Mortensen.

In his hand he has a Swedish flag. Stuck to a pen.

Fluent Danish

Viggo Mortensen has a Danish father and an American mother and speaks several languages fluently. With me he’s speaking Danish.

He is in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington to complete further scenes for “The Return of the King”. His son Henry is with him. It was him that convinced his dad that he must say yes to the role of Aragorn.

Viggo Mortensen shakes my hand several times whilst thanking me for the award. He has a half gauntlet on his right hand and a couple of his fingers are bleeding.

Jackson is mad

“Yes we are filming a battle scene with the army of the dead” he says “Peter Jackson is totally mad”

But the director himself looks calm and happy when we meet him a little later to give him his Filmstar for the years best foreign film 2002 “The Two Towers”.

“Tolkein would have appreciated this award for the film. He was very influenced by the Scandanavian sagas when he created his mythology” says Peter Jackson “Aftonbladet’s readers have good taste”

How is the third film going?

“Everything is under control. Its relaxed and cheerful. It’s the most enjoyable post-production out of all three films despite it being more complicated” says Peter Jackson.

Jens Peterson
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