Well, denials have been flowing in from theatre people pretty quickly since we posted this rumour.

From Shaun: About the trailer of ROTK in front of terminator, it is not true. I work at a theater, and we had an advanced staff screening of T3 and there was no trailer for it. I actually made up the print of T3 and there was no indication that there would be a trailer for ROTK for a while.

From Jeff: I work at a theater in Gresham, Oregon and just got done watching the movie [T3]. Neither of our prints of the movie have a ROTK teaser. I was told we got a buttload of trailer with the print when they came in, and I am pretty sure if we had a teaser for ROTK then it would have been put on at least one of the prints of T3, but my projectionist could be stupid and not have put it on for some insane reason. I’ll check tomorrow though and see if any of the trailers we got with the print were ROTK teasers.

From Strider Eliteralus: I’m out here in Davis, CA and I just screened two prints of T3 and the ROTK trailer is not on it…I REPEAT, not on either print! I will know if it is on Pirates by next Monday the 8th of July.

From Scott: I work at a movie theatre in Yakima, WA, and there was no, repeat that, NO Return of the King trailer in front of Terminator 3. The attached trailer was Matchstick Men, and all of the other enclosed trailers were not very exciting. We received two prints of T3 and both were the same, unfortunately. I don’t know if this goes for everywhere, though.

Sorry everyone. The news from the coalface seems to be that there will *not* be any RoTK Teaser Trailer with T3.