Ringer Spy Saga writes:

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Viggo was just as humble and altogether nice as everyone says he is. From the moment they pulled the curtains at Magasinet in Odense he made everybody smile and cheer for him, and for his poems. Also for pulling out an UN flag and arranging it across the table in front of him. Even though he spoke mainly in Danish he managed to get the message through to everyone. People had come from all over: Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, USA and even Japan!

I, as a Swede, had no major problems understanding his Danish – though he himself, was abit unsure of his poems, that someone else has translated into Danish. When he read in English the meaning was clearer. But he made better jokes in Danish!

Then he said that he’d promised to read something in Spanish, and all of a sudden he burst into singing the song/poem “Silencio”. It was a magic moment… Then reading some work by New Zeeland poets, then some lines fro H.C Andersen and then some more of his own material.

Going on for a good 45 minutes it was all over much too soon. But the book signing started immediately and starting from the back my friend and I got up among the first. Asking everybody where they were from, he signed my books in Swedish(!), and then offered everyone a piece of Swedish chocolate. Letting everyone take as many photos as they wished and being the sweetest person I’ve ever met he made it an unforgettable day!

If you can make it to Denmark before the end of September, check out Viggo’s exhibition “Ephëmeris” at Brandts Klaedefabrik in Odense! Definitely worth a visit!

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