The One Ring. The most powerful of the Rings of Power, forged by Sauron in Orodruin with one charge: to dominate all others. The Dark Lord let much of his original power pass into the Ring and with it he secured the foundations of the Dark Tower and subjugated the possessors of the nine rings to his will. It served as a focus for Saurons power, and yet, by infusing the One Ring with the bulk of his power, he had also devised a way for his enemies to destroy him.

The Rings of Power were created in collaboration by the smiths of Eregion and Sauron. Did Sauron get the idea of rings from the elves in the first place? Why was Celebrimbor immediately aware of Saurons plan when the One Ring was made? Did Sauron bring it to Numenor? Was it simply an extension of Sauron or did it have some measure of self-determination?

During the Third Age, Sauron took physical shape again and grew slowly back to full power. How could he do this withouth carrying the Ring? And perhaps the most frightening question of all: what would have happened if he had regained the One? How powerful would he have become? What would have happened to the bearers of the Three?

Join us in #thehalloffire as we discuss why the making of the Rings of Power was both Saurons greatest triumph and his greatest mistake.

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Silmarillion – Of the rings of power and the third age

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