Greetings Unto All Ringers attending Comic Con in San Diego this year

There will be 2 Moots for Ringers to meet at Comic Con
Both will take place at The Field Irish Pub and Restaurant two blocks north of the Convention Center, 544 5th Ave . The Field is a wonderful Irish Pub with a great atmosphere. (they have Guinness Stout on tap)
*Please note the room we will be in is on the second floor and there is NO Elevator. *

Their web site is Web site If you have any questions please contact me at and not the restaurant

The first Moot will be a Welcome to Comic Con Moot following preview night July 16 from 9PM to midnight. The Wed July 16 will be a buffet and the cost will be $20 not including drinks (except Iced Tea). The limit is approximately 75 people for the buffet.

We will have a raffle of donated items (we have some good things already promised, if you have a mathom to contribute, please bring it along)

The buffet menu consists of
Vegetable tray
Shepard’s Pie
Fish and Chips
Rasher and Cheese boxty (potato pancake with bacon and cheese)
Vegetable Boxty (vegetarian)
Iced Tea

The Sunday Goodbye Moot will be from 1PM -3 PM with a limited menu for $16. They have live music and dancers that we are welcome to stay for, but we will need to share the upstairs room after 4PM. The estimate for this Moot is 50 people.

The limited Sun menu consists of
Vegetable tray (for everyone)
Chicken sage boxty
Corned beef sandwich
Marinated chicken sandwich
Veggie Burger (vegetarian)
Iced tea

If you have any food questions please contact me at

Let me know off list if you wish to attend and I will send you my mailing address. I would appreciate a check by July 10 ($36 for both Wed and Sun).