Sideshow/Weta Collectibles just sent out notice that the following items are about to sell out. It seems some of the more popular pieces will be retired very shortly, so we thought we’d alert you to the situation. Here is the list:

Arms of the Fellowship, Col 1 ( < 17 pieces left)
Arms of the Fellowship, Col 2 ( < 70 pieces left)
Arms of Gimli ( < 36 pieces left)
Arms of Aragorn ( < 31 pieces left)
Arms of Lurtz ( < 67 pieces left)
The Cave Troll Statue ( < 13 pieces left)
TTT Series 1 Bust – Galadriel ( < 35 pieces left)

And on the bad news front, the Uruk-Hai Berserker Bust, from Series 2 The Two Towers is completely sold out.

Sideshow/Weta Collectibles is our official sponsor, so any purchases you do make through these links will help pay for our bandwidth and other expenses as we get closer to ROTK. Thank you in advance for your generous support!