Adam Ruben
Executive Producer
Drive Thru
(612) 338-4656

I am seeking devoted fans for a very special reason. In mid-July, my company will be filming a TV commercial to advertise the release of the LotR DVD. The commercial will be filmed in the Twin Cities and will feature real people speaking about the movie. It will be a fun commercial and we are seeking energetic, enthusiastic men and women (ideally the commercial will feature one of each!) to talk about the movie, act out scenes – convey their excitement in any way that seems applicable and appropriate. Participants must be at least 16, and if they are 16 or 17 they will need to have signed permission from a parent or guardian to be considered.

If you or anyone you know from your area or anywhere within or surrounding the Twin Cities might be a good candidate (the selected participants will need to transport themselves to the Twin Cities for the shoot and possibly for a casting session in which they will be videotaped and pre-interviewed), please have them email me at this address soon – time is of the essence because the selected people must be approved well in advance of the filming.

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