This bit of news was first spotted on DarkHorizons, however people are sending this to me from various sources. The folks from ‘Secondhand Lions’ did contact me recently to confirm this bit of news in regards to the trailer, so who knows!

Return of the King media release schedule:

Teaser Poster – First of a series of characters posters is supposed to start in middle of June. The first of them will be Aragorn. Then approximately monthly begin to occur the working posters with other characters. The cinemas will or replace already hanging posters with everyone by subsequent creative, or, that is more probable, will collect all collection down to autumn.”

Teaser Trailer – The short trailer prepares for start in middle of the summer. From the point of view of general campaign of representation of film it is important, that it differed from impression made by a working trailer of “Two Towers”.

Final Poster – Idea in connecting all teasers together and to connect them in a final one-sheet, which will appear at the end of autumn. On the final poster there will be not so many characters, as it was on last poster of “Two Towers”

Final Trailer – Full-length final trailer with special effects for the first time will appear in September pasted to copies of “Secondhand Lions”