Which culture do you think was the greatest of Middle Earth? Not an easy question considering what we’ve got to choose from. And what exactly makes a culture great? Tolkien filled Middle Earth with fascinating cultures and he gave them languages, complex histories, tragedies and triumphs. Elves, Dwarves and Men all created grand realms that would shape and change the world for good and bad. And what about the Shire? Surely not the grandest realm, but can it still not be said to have been truly great and successful?

The Noldor were mighty warriors, but they were also the most eager for learning among the Eldar. They excelled in crafts, devised languages and scripts, worked metal and carved stone and gems. Their greatest craftsman Feanor rivaled the Valar and few if any cities can match Gondolin the fair. The Noldor also contributed greatly to the making of the Rings of Power. Then we have the Sindar of Beleriand. Great makers of music and among them were created the cirth alphabet. The Sindar were also enriched by Melian the maia.

And what about the Numenoreans? The masters of the Seas who created the greatest empires to be seen. Arnor and Gondor were filled with shining cities and great labours of stone. And their armies were a long time the only thing that stopped Sauron from conquering all of Middle Earth.

Great as the Numenoreans and Noldor were though, did they ever make something to rival the splendour of Khazad-dum in its days of glory?

I’m sure we will have alot of different opinions on this subject so join us in #thehalloffire for what promises to be a really fun debate.

Suggested reading:
The Lord of the Rings – Appendices A,B and F.

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