SARS Pic Caption Contest.
OK, lots of fun ideas came in to caption this bizarre image. Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I promised to pick the ones that made me laugh out loud, or at least snicker, so here they are.

“There were others of the Istari who traveled into the far east of Middle Earth, and do not come into this tale. Until now” – SB
“Masks prove ineffective in preventing the spread of Two Towers Three Quarter Angle Syndrome, a neurological disorder which was first observed to effect the cast of the movie and now seems to be spreading to moviegoers.” – Ruth

“Jeez, when they said Viggo Mortensen didn’t shower for months so he could get “into the role” of Aragorn, I didn’t know it would come to this…” Covert Rogue
“Gosh, Aragorn NEED to take a bath.” – RennWench
On similar lines, a few more:
“Not even a mask could help poor Misako ignore that Rangery not-so-fresh feeling when Aragorn was near.” – Merrylyn
“One does not simply walk into Beijing … The very air you breathe is deadly.” – Makilwen
“They should have never used scratch-and-sniff for the Gollum scenes!” – Jeff Sontag
“That Gollum…he even makes the movie poster smell!” – Rosa Burrows
“Has Aragorn bathed yet???!!!” – Chantelle
*Gasp* “Holy crap! Aragorn! For the love of Gondor, take a bath!!!” – Merrylyn
“Those Nazgul really should do something about their Black Breath!” – Gwaihir’s Feather
“TTT was the first movie to be shown in Smell-O-Vision. Unfortunately the Dead Marshes scene proved too much for this unfortunate movie-goer” – Kath

“I’ll be fine by December, and no, you can’t have my ticket!” – Carl
“I told my boss I was sick today. Again.” – Peggy
“Boromir’s paranoid replacement. Fear not going slowly, Only standing still.” Rosebud. [Actually I’m not sure if the last bit was meant for part of the caption, but it has a certain weird logic.]
“I ask you, how are we supposed to identify and guard ourselves against the SARSuman threat if he isn’t even pictured in the public service posters?” – Anne
“Dude! All I need now is some heavy eye-liner and I’ll be a servant of the Dark Lord!” – Kristina
“Here we see the first costume concept for the Easterlings” – Brian
“I don’t care if I work for ILM. I have to see Gollum again!” – Mechelle
“Tell me honestly… do I look like one of those guys from Mordor? Yes, I know that the mask is the wrong color!” – Emily
All these are from Robert:
“A bad combination: a germ-fearing geek.”
“THIS is representative of female fantasy lovers?”
“Huh? Me looking for Jackie Chan flick. Who Frodo?”