After the great battle, Gimli and Legolas enters Minas Tirith and make some interesting observations about mankind. A servant of Prince Imrahil takes them to the houses of healing where they tell Pippin and Merry the dark tale of the Paths of the Dead. Meanwhile the Captains of the West hold a debate in the tents of Aragorn. For though one battle is won, Sauron is now massing armies so great that the defeat of Gondor seems inevitable.

What do you think about Gimli and Legolas musings about Men? What do you think of the speculation about Imrahils background? The tale of the Paths of the Dead and the battle of Pelargir is also something we’ll look at more closely. What happens to Legolas, and what do you think about his vision of Aragorn with the One Ring?

During the debate of the captains a bold plan to ride out and meet Saurons forces is agreed upon. What are the captains hoping to achieve with this? How well do they guess Saurons mind? What precautions do they make in case their plan fails?

Join us in #thehalloffire as we take a look at Return of the King book V, Chapter IX – The Last Debate.

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