Ringer Irascian sends in this report from the May 17th SFX Magazine Awards ceremony:

SFX magazine, the UK’s biggest selling science fiction/fantasy monthly magazine, held its award ceremony last night (17th May) and Lord of the Rings swept the boards. The awards are based on reader votes. Here’s what LOTR won…

Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers – Best SF or Fantasy Film (other nominations: Donnie Darko, Attack of the Clones, Spider-Man and Minority Report)

Viggo Mortensen – Best SF or Fantasy Film Actor (other nominees: Elijah, McKellen, Tom Cruise and Toby Maguire)

Peter Jackson – Best SF or Fantasy Film Director (other nominees: M Night Shyamalan, George Lucas, Sam Raimi and Steven Spielberg)

The Two Towers by Howard Shore – best SF or Fantasy Film Music (beating Donnie Darko, Attack of the Clones and Spider-Man)

The Official Guide to The Making of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Brian Sibley – Best SF or Fantasy-Related Non-Fiction Book (other nominees were for Farscape Companion, Once More With Feeling, James Bond The Legacy and Angel Casefiles)

Lifetime achievement awards went to Christopher Lee and James Doohan (Scottie in Star Trek).

The awards that LOTR was nominated for but didn’t win were Best SF or Fantasy Actress (both Liv Tyler and Miranda Otto were nominated) and Best SF or Fantasy Author (where J.R.R. Tolkien was, rather bizarrely given the way the movies swept the awards, beaten by Terry Pratchett !).

There were unfortunately some disappointments for LOTR fans who attended this event hoping to see their favourite celebrities. Brian Sibley was the only award recipient who appeared on the night. Christopher Lee who had been expected to appear to accept his lifetime achievement award, and Billy Boyd, who had been scheduled to collect the other LOTR awards, were both “no show”s. And a video acceptance speech from Howard Shore couldn’t be shown to the assembled audience because of a breakdown in the awards video equipment.

Thanks to Irascian for the report! Check out more of Irascian’s LOTR website at http://www.iansmith.co.uk/lotr/index.htm