Fearing for what Denethor will do in his madness, Pippin has searched out Gandalf at the gates of Minas Tirith. At the turn of the tide, Gandalf must leave the battle and go to the citadel to face the steward of Gondor. Meanwhile in the Tombs, Beregond is fighting Denethors servants over the life of Faramir.

How has the use of the palantir poisoned the stewards mind? How does Gandalf try to win Denethor back to reality? What do you think about Denethors end?

Loyalty and obedience to authority are highly valued virtues in The Lord of the Rings, but in this chapter Tolkien shows us how bad blind uncritical obedience can be. How do you compare Beregonds acts with those of Denethors personal servants? And what about the murder of the porter, can that be justified?

Join us in #thehalloffire as we take a look at Return of the King book V, Chapter VII – The Pyre of Denethor.

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