Dark Horizons reports that it looks as though Hidalgo will undergo a change of name according to scooper ‘Casey’ who writes …

“I participated in a market research survey the other day and was asked to view a trailer for a new movie called Into the Fire. Apparently the trailer was not complete, some rough spots and time code still on top, but it was done enough that I could determnine what it was about.

After the survey I did a search and found this title for the this particular movie nowhere on the net, but found a matching story on your site under the title Hidalgo. This is indeed, a movie starring Viggo Mortensen as Frank Hopkins, a racer and about him and his horse as they particpate in the Ocean of Fire race. Omar Sharif was in the trailer briefly and appeared to be father of the love interest in the show.

The trailer was okay and the show looked interesting. It’s only real downfall was some sandstorm and locust storm type graphics that looked like they were straight out of the Mummy. Anyway, apparently the name has changed and the trailer should be coming out soon”.