This weekend, Hall of Fire will take a look at Denethor II, son of Echtelion II, last ruling steward of Gondor. One of Tolkiens most interesting and enigmatic characters. His rivalry with Thorongil and the premature death of his wife shaped him for his stewardship which saw Gondor facing it’s most desperate moments.

In Denethor the blood of Numenor ran almost true and in his great pride he used the palantir of Minas Tirith. No doubt this aided him in preparing Gondor for war, but the struggle with Sauron caused him to age before his time and sink deeper and deeper into despair and finally madness.

How was his relations to his sons? Did he have the right and the strength to use the palantir? Did he fall into evil? Furthermore, did he have contact with Saruman? Why was he so set against recognising Aragorn as king of Gondor? We will discuss all this and more about his character who inspires such a wide specter of emotions among readers with his pride, his nobility and his tragedy.

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Pyre of Denethor

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