Three more reports from Collectormania found their way to my inbox. So for your reading pleasure: more kind words about Billy Boyd, John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Sala Baker and Bruce Hopkins.

Next up is one from Yahweh70 with an interesting rumor on who might attend the September Collectormania.

I only managed a late arrival on the Sunday, but got 1 of 6 returned tickets to the TT screening. Highlight of the Q&A was the re-enactment of the Gollum/Smeagol (muuuuuuurderrerrrr!) scene by Andy Serkis. Standing ovation even from the other cast. Bruce Hopkins saying how the film was good for those who were advancing their careers, starting thair careers (then JRD chipping in with ‘and some ending it’). Bruce and Andy also thanked the fans for helping make the film the success it’s become. Sala saying that the original Sauron was going to be smaller than Sala, so they had to remould the Sauron suit. Bruce telling the story of how he got the job as Gamling, showed up and was expected to be able to ride a horse. He goes off to learn, then finds his horse ‘doesn’t do reining’, whereby Bruce controls the horse one handed purely by positioning his rein hand to turn the horse. Bruce also took the opportunity to applaud Billy, Andy and JRD, for their professionalism in dealing with the queues. Sala and Bruce both joked they had ‘queue envy’. Sala said he had 2 months of reshoots to do, most had finished their bits.

Sunday. Got there about midday. V.busy. Big queues for JRD, Andy and Billy. No queues for Bruce. No sign of Sala, might be at lunch. Eventually get to see Andy then Billy. Both very friendly, Billy being photographed by everyone. By the time I got through Andy, there seemed to be no ticket system for Billy. There had been BIG queues for them eartlier. A bunch of mall security had lined up for Andy.

Off to join the JRD queue. Spot Armin Shimerman (Buffy, DS9 etc) has no line, so took the opp to get his sig. rejoin JRD line, not moved, no new recruits. JRD does come down the line occasionally to say hello and he’ll see us soon. Anyone with kids gets loads of time (no complaints here) with JRD. I had spotted a baby on his knee earlier, despite their being a looooong line. Very good of him, although I doubt it went down well with those new to the autograph hunting fraternity.

Unlike his appearance at Memorabilia, he had a wider range of shots available. B&W and colour, with a set of Indiana Jones images. I asked him if he’d recovered from the Croatian incident. His back is still playing up, but apart from that… OK.

Passing the Boyd/Serkis booth I noticed hardly any queues, but a fair few onlookers just chatting with both.

I think I heard Dominic (Merry) might be doing the September show. Could be interesting!

You heard it here first…