Interview with Liv Tyler in Russia’s COOL magazine

COOL: In the movie you with Viggo are in love. Have you really kissed him during the shoot? How does Aragorn kiss?

Liv: Really, I haven’t kissed him! He always was with his beard, and it was really prickly. All the time Aragorn looked hmm.. how to say, neglected. I couldn’t make myself do it.

COOL: When you played Arwen you wore long dresses. How did you feel wearing them?

Liv:Actually, it was really hot. And those clothes were so long you couldn’t wear them in real life. I needed to think what my next step will be every 2 seconds! If you only for a minute forget about the dress got ya: you will fall or a sleeve is on the earth. That’s because sometimes on the shooting ground you could hear happy shouting of the elves: Go to hell with this dress! It was that you could hear something worse.

COOL: And what were you doing if you needed to go to the toilet during shooting?

Liv: That’s simple: under the dress elves don’t wear anything! I for example wore only socks and trainers and nothing else

COOL: Have you been wondering to save one of your elfish ear?

Liv: Actually no. Ears were made from gelatin . Even if the temperature wasn’t high they were melting. When we were shooting we wore hundreds of these!

COOL: Have you been wondering for long : to take or not to take the role of the elf?

Liv: Oh, it wasn’t easy. To play a perfect kind of man is always difficult

COOL: How do you think elves eat?

Difficult to say. It isn’t in the book. (Personally I don’t know why, I read that Legolas was eating lembas in TTT). Elves don’t sleep that’s right. And about eating If you think about this, you may think that they are some kind of Barbie and Ken, that they don’t got nothing in their underpants!

COOL: How do you feel wearing jeans after wearing elfish clothes for so long time?

Liv: Honestly, after 3 years of shooting LOTR I felt kind of strange. I felt naked without long dresses.