For the past few days a great UK-convention called Collectormania took place just outside of London. It was attended by no less then five actors from The Lord of the Rings: John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Billy Boyd, Sala Baker and last but not least Bruce Hopkins. Some of the first reactions from people that attended have just come in, take a read!

Ringer Spy Irascian chimed in with a short snippet about the event:

Only one more day (after today) for UK fans to get a chance to meet Billy Boyd, John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Bruce Hopkins and Sala Baker. Monday is the last day. The event is free but autographs on nice shiny new high quality New Line photo’s cost £15 each (£10 for Bruce – bargain!) The only dilemma is which photo to pick. They also have some amazing A3-sized glossy photo’s of Gollum, Billy and Sauron available for a small additional charge.

Last night’s special screening of “The Two Towers” was sold out, with all five cast members scheduled for a fan Q&A session for 30 minutes. At saturday’s screening the cast stayed well past the 30 minutes and seemed happy to stay until every last question was answered. No major new news although it was interesting to hear John Rhys-Davies say that his re-shoot schedule had been delayed as the reshoots are now going on much longer – into July. It was also encouraging to hear Andy Serkis say that PJ is genuinely being sincere when he says that he thinks the third film is going to be easily the best of the three!

As always a better report with probably lots of awesome pictures will be up at Irascian’s own website pretty soon, keep an eye out on the frontpage for a link to that.

Next up is Cathyvicki who was there as well and listed some of her most memorable moments:

Just a quick report about Collectormania 3 at Milton Keynes this weekend. I went to both LOTR movie screenings and main events that happened during actors talk (Billy Boyd, John Rhys Davies, Andy Serkis, Sala Baker and Bruce Hopking) were as follows:

1) JRD tipping Sean Astin for an Oscar nomination for an ‘astounding’ performance in ROTK.

2) Andy Serkis’ re-enactment of the Gollum/Smeagol argumant in TTT. Absolutely bloody brilliant. What an amazing actor!

3) Sala Baker….that is all.

4) JRD sitting in the audience with us mortals and having a good old natter before anyone else came in. (the others needed an introduction…he didnt!)

Im still in a euphric haze about the whole weekend at the moment but if I remember anything else I will let you know!

And lastly there’s Kristina who didn’t so much send in a report but just a link to a bunch of pictures of herself next to the celebrities at Collectormania. Billy Boyd-fans rejoice; most of the pictures feature him. [More]