Nikki writes: I was at Collectormania in Milton Keynes in the UK yesterday. I thought it would be great to send it to you as i also have a few pics to share!

Here it is hope you enjoy!

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Ok the day started early for my nephew (Kyle) and I, up at 6am to get ready to catch the train to London at 8am. Got into Victoria and then with a hop, skip and a jump to Victoria Coach Station, we boarded our coach and was on our way to sunny Milton Keynes! Billy here we come WAHOO! We got the ‘park and ride bus’ from Milton Keynes coach station that took us directly to central Milton Keynes and dropped us right outside the ‘Middleton Hall’ entrance where Collectormania was being held. By this time I was more excited than Kyle on a sugar rush and couldn’t wait to get in there! We literally ran into the centre and into a massive crowd of people…………….honestly guys….it was heaving with masses of likeminded geeks! LOL

Kyle and I walked all the way round the outside of the exibit, to get our bearings and then made our way over to the very tall, muscular, handsome Mr Sala Baker, he was more than happy to pose for pics with my nephew and I , wow my first encounter and I had been touched by the hand of Sauron! Whoa!!! Unfortunately the pic of me and him together came out pants as his ‘assistant’ took it, poor love had pretty shaky hands! We then scooted round to get tickets for the signings – let me explain this procedure – in order to get to see the main celebs you had to collect a ticket and then wait for your number to come up before you could go and see them. Sort of like at the Deli counter in a supermarket LOL. We got tickets for John Rhys Davies (350), Billy Boyd (475) and Andy Serkis (372) Kyle and I knew it was going to be hours before we managed to see these lovely men so we decided to take a walk round the stalls upon stalls of movie memorabilia. You could practically smell ‘Geek and Nerd’ in the air as we were pushed and shoved from stall to stall, people were packed in so tight! Oh yes and a small pet hate of mine………pushchairs………lots of em………highly unpractical, they should have been banned from entering the exhibition as they were causing a lot of congestion!

Next we went to see Mr Bruce Hopkins, Gamling in LOTR, he was lovely and quite happily posed for pics with both my nephew and I and also as an added bonus after the signing had finished my nephew spotted him, as we were sitting taking a breather (yet again I was on the phone to my friend Maddie at the time!) So kyle went over to him to get an autograph, and he happily signed, Maddie suggested to me that I should get one too and as he walked back my way I called him over and he signed for me too…..what a complete sweetie as he had been there all day signing and must have been dying to get back to his hotel to relax!

I then took a deep breath (‘Took’ gettit lol) and went to see Mr Boyd. Now at this point, I think it was about 1.30pm (really can’t remember guys) Billy was still on ticket number 50 -100 but I had to go take a peep at the wild Scottish honey! *sigh* what can I say………….he looked more than fine, he looked gorge, wearing faded out (especially in the bottom….sorry but I couldn’t HELP but notice!) jeans and a black shirt, he has had very subtle blonde highlights put in his hair which really brings out those twinkling green eyes of his *sigh… pant…. thud* Well I hung around close to where Billy was sitting and I kept my eye out for an opening in the crowd, when I noticed one I shot in and was literally 3 feet away from him, camera in hand I called his name and he looked at me and I said ‘Can I have a photo darlin’ and he smiled and said ‘Course you can darlin’ and I snapped away said ‘thank you’ and then walked away on a cloud to call Maddie and tell her! Billy amazed me…he was constantly animated and seemed completely genuine with the masses of people that descended on him…being Billy, as a copper approached him for an autograph, he looked up and said ‘What have I done!….I thought you’d come to arrest me then!’ The crowd chuckled with laughter and Billy beamed that charming boyish smile! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to have time and get my autograph from Billy as he was so great with the crowds and took his time with people that the clock get the better of him and he had to leave with out getting to my number…..but I will catch him at the London premiere of ROTK for a scribble…however I am very happy as he spoke to me.

Elijah would have loved it here, Star Wars memorabilia was every where, old and new. Along with original movie props, costumes (Austin Powers crushed Velvet Jacket from ‘Goldmember’ *Squee*) and of course tons of Lord Of The Rings memorabilia (a lot of which I hadn’t seen before…. I picked up a little pressie for our dear Maddie (posting it tomorrow love, watch out for it!) and my nephew was happy with his various purchases of ‘Dragonball Z’ memorabilia.

Unfortunately I didn’t get in to see Andy Serkis either, I guess not being there to get a ticket dead on 9am didn’t help but I got a few pics of the lovely guy and he was great with the kids, doing his ‘Gollum’ voice on demand much to their delight!

At a little after 3.30pm I made my way to the BHS restaurant in the centre to meet up with members of, let me tell you those are some fun loving ladies and were so welcoming seeing as I am not a strong participating member on the site, they are a lovely bunch and a credit to Mr Boyd!

The only bad thing about the day was my feelings on charging for autographs…..I was really disappointed in this, the celebs themselves were fine posing for pictures without you purchasing autographs but the assistants were a bit testy if you didn’t, which I found a bit off-putting, promotion is promotion at the end of the day and it was truly a long day for all! I was just left wondering where all those £15 went to? Was it appearence fees? Was some going to the shopping centre? Enquiring minds want to know!

My final words…………I am so pleased I went but wished others could have been there to experience it with me (and Kyle) It was a wonderful day and I got very close to some amazing people that I admire greatly! I had a complete blast and will definitely be going next year, hopefully with a merry band of EMCers! My last thoughts……..Billy is a fox and I SAT ON GIMLI’S KNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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